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DaVinci FCP 8?

There’s nothing we need less of in this world than yet another editor going on about the features and failures of whatever editing application they’re currently banging away on. Still, that being the case, I think I’ve kind of developed a crush on DaVinci Resolve 14, and apparently I need to tell you about it.
It all started because I finally buckled down and got to work learning Premiere. Having come to rely upon Avid Media Composer for years, and having experienced the pitfalls of using Final Cut Pro “Classic” on features, I’m in no big rush to learn something new. There’s enough to worry about when starting a new job without stressing over what key toggles the source/record monitor focus, and what paradigm is being employed for replace edit. There is value, however, in using a more common platform when working on smaller projects. A lot of filmmakers today can operate Premiere or Final Cut Pro X with some confidence — far fewer can drive an Avid with any degree of comfort. Maybe M…

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